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Music's supposed to be open game and this is supposed to be a discussion community.

Quite frankly the streams on DI.fm have been sucking wind big time lately. I, as a duty-concious Internet denizen, feel obligated to get irrationally angry and indignant when services provided to me for free change, especially when those changes are against my own interests, so I ask you: WTF.

Is it because they've added a "Future Synthpop" channel that seems to play nothing but Covenant?

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Deleted comment

The channel has other problems:

Currently Playing:

Endanger - Give Me A Reason (Pestillanz Mix by Massiv in Mensch)

Last 6 tracks played:

1 Razed In Black - Am I 2 Blame?

2 Epsilon Minus - Antigravity (Implant Mix)

3 The Azoic - Illuminate

4 Virtual Server - Divide (Phraze Remix)

5 Code 64 - Carry Me Home

6 Neurotic Fish - Waste

But I digress in the name of a cheap laugh - the psytrance/drum and bass/progressive/chillout channels used to be REALLY GOOD. Hell I used the place's forums as set research a number of times. Not this week.

Coincidence? Or are we barrelling headlong into another Early-90s musical era?
is there an organopop? would that be acapella techno? or hippy drumming or even jug band music? If there isn't such a genre I think we should invent one.