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blimpattack's Journal

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Fanboys and/or Girls, let's go down in flames. Oh, the humanity.
I needed a place to geek out without mouth breathers. Also, an excuse to use the phrase "blimp attack" as often as possible. This is it. Perhaps you need that too. Post cool links and stuff. Discuss it. Science Fiction. Science Fact. The paranormal. TV canon. Movie Canon. Video games. Board Games. Art, Art, Art. Music, music and more music. Anything having to do with the "Star" franchises. Yes Anime, just not the anime that makes you ashamed of yourself. Body Art. Well, just tattoos. No Spam. No fic. No slash. No trolling. No dickheads. No "Frak", "frelling" or use of "god" or "goddess" in the plural. More specificity when and if any of you join me. Interested? Please join? Not interested? Please don't.