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And to Think, Bjork is Too Old to Play Lin Min Mei.

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I would love to see 3D CG transforming Valkyries/Veritechs on the big screen. I still haven't seen the original Macross or Robotech though. Do I lose dork points for that?
Yes. Yes you do. And I AM going to get the entire original series from the 80's and make you all watch it. Every off-key caterwauling Lin Min Mei and histrionic diatribe from Khyron. YOU WILL WATCH IT ALL.
Every off-key caterwauling Lin Min Mei

MY BOYFRIEND IS A PILOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh god, I hated Lin Minmei. Actually, the only female character I really liked was the Zentreidi pilot with green hair who marries Max.

At least they're raping a rapist. Robotech wasn't the 1:1 translation of Macross that you get with other imported animation these days. It was a different studio getting their hands on the tapes, chopping them to pieces and rearranging them, renaming half the characters, then inventing their own story to make it all make sense. And it ain't as good.

Still, I'm not looking forward to U.N. SPACY shirts at Urban Outfitters or THIS SUMMER PREPARE TO SHIFT TO BATTROID MODE or any of the other banal crap that will inevitably come hand in hand with this "adaptation". So let's throw eggs at it.